This is one of the funniest wedding I have ever did. Love the theme and the crowd for this wedding and Khai and Stephanie had been waiting for a long time for this special day. Also just want to compliment that I love the favors designed by Tie The Knot, it fits to the theme of the day very well, everyone dressed like having a garden event. And with Jeff the amazing wedding planner, also the funniest wedding planner. With all the laughing people around, the day is just awesome and I did not feel lonely there lol. I know Khai and Stephanie a while ago from another wedding event of Gregg & Jeamie, and they are all buddies in a Salsa dancing class. And get to meet the popular Audrey who had became famous after her proposal. The slideshow was displayed during their wedding dinner during the next day and many people had dropped their tears. I just feel glad that I am able to touch some souls each time. 

The most memorable part was when Khai and Stephanie shared their vows, and Stephanie mentioned the word "love you forever" and I think she really meant it... :)