Had so much fun this wedding day, finally after a year I shoot Brandon & Ceci's pre-wedding in Scotland, and here it is, the final day. Looking at the crowd in the wedding day, I figured that many of them were triggered from the chain effects. It all started with the ROM and Pre-Wedding, the family portrait for Ceci's sister in London, then Ceci joined my first workshop during 6.6.2010, and followed with a few workshops after that, many new friendship were created in this chain process. And I am so glad about this. And the chain effects will followed on... I hope it will never end. Unlike other couples, Ceci is indeed a unique one. Lots of laughter we all shared. And the Chain effect will followed with Wai Wai Yeoh, her best buddy who had just engaged us for a pre-wedding session in London and Santorini a year after, and her youngest sister Isabelle who is planning to get married in 2013. KK, who had joined in one of our workshop, who is now a good buddy of Ceci. Yoko who get involved in many of our workshops and a good buddy of mine who is now the wedding planner of Ceci. And Monique who was working in the same company with Ceci and now she is a Make Up Artist. LOL. That was some chain effects. When you make a decision, you never know what kind of future you will encounter, its full of surprises. So do not afraid when you make certain decision, just be positive about it. It all will worked out fine.