Another awesome wedding to remember, the Class of 2011, when everyone feel like back to school, hop on the school bus, and receive the bride. Do not be fooled by the word kawaii, those bridesmaids are indeed dangerous. Everyone with a unique character, and also the school teacher which leads them, all the boys got punished like nobody's business. Think again, that counts as one of the sweetest stories in the memory of Khai and Stephanie, where Khai had to do the Leon Lai trick to enter to the first round. And followed by punishment one by one. LOL. Sweet, but painful. Thanks to Khai and Stephanie for having me being part of this, I can't wait to use my most evil imagination to shoot those girls. Because of the school theme, Khai and Stephanie allowed me to use black & white for all of the pictures, so when they see the slide, its like recalling old memories many years back.