Ever imagine making your own gown and shoe for your own wedding day? Here's what a gown designer Stephanie Ong had designed herself for her own wedding day, a gown sitting beside the cup of his papa, one of the shot I love the most in this special day. I know Stephanie when she was the gown designer in the shop that I always worked with (Pretty In White). Stephanie was too busy with her work and decided to change her career to quit from designing gowns to help his hubby Ee working in his family business.

When Stephanie spoke to me about my package I was so thrilled that she found me and loving my work. I still remember the said that "yes everyone still need to get married, including me LOL". I think for a lady like Stephanie with a unique personality, she has a specific reason that she loves my work. What I thought wa just do what I normally do and I do concern about her specific taste and need. For many people, they often thought that we photographers or gown desginers must have an awesom taste and very curious about what we want in our wedding. My honest answer is, the more I see wedding, the simpler I want it to be. I believe Stephanie must have a similar thought like me, just want something simple, not following the trend, not overdone, doesn't want to do something without a reason or a funny reason. Stephanie just want to be herself that day, she even against the idea of wearing the veil LOL. Stephanie's package were partially sponsored by Pretty In White as a farewell gift. It is sad to see stephanie departed, still remember the fun we had during June with Jeff and Chew Yen.