Photographer: Dennis Yap, Cliff Choong & Alex Moi

The moment I reach Yuan Peng's house I fall in love with it LOL. It is a wood house located in Banting, like those Kampung houses with many close families. Too bad I do not have lot of time to shoot there, and outside the house was a big area and many bridesmaids rush over to give different missions to the groom, as the bridesmaid looked very fierce, I call them Angry Birds that day. I believe nomatter what kind of condition, there is something nice to be captured, old or new, vintage or modern. Really enjoyed the day.

As I always love to observe around, and the relationship of Sheng Ming and Yuan Peng caughtmy intention hehe, both of them are rather shy, but the whole atmosphere were filled with nice groomsman and bridesmaid, so I used them as a tool to bring them even closer at the end of the day.