The first time I met Keng How was like 3 years back when I was covering Siew Ping's church wedding, and Keng How rushed out and asked for my named card, it was quite wierd at first. Then later when Keng How decided to tie the knot the person I most contact with was Joan. Joan's name was named Joanne and don't know why it later changed to Joan lol. Both of them are very funny people, always wanted to shoot something different but later no news from them lol. At first we planned to do a couple portrait and they booked the slot a year ago and later they moved the slot to the wedding day. 

The funniest thing I know about them was Keng How and Joan are actually 12 years apart, if I remember right. They both met each other when Keng How was doing facial with Joan LOL. Later I wonder what so powerful about Joan, can attract Keng How in a facial session, so I went to try out her skill myself LOL. So Joan invited a few of her old colleges over to be her bridesmaid. It was quite funny session, they just to see my pictures and laughed.