This is one of the busiest day in 2011. Met up with Sebastian and Justi a while ago in The Curve, both person were very fun and cheerful, both of them enjoy eating the most, before Sutji met Sebastian she was quite skinny lol. Actually this couple were introduced by another very unique couple. Sebastian and Sutji both reside in Melbourne and Sutji was originated from Indonesia. During her wedding day, I just enjoy to meet so many aunties from Indonesia, all of the are one of a kind, very cheerful, love taking pictures, like to talk etc. And on this vary moment before they arrival, we had an emotional session with Sutji and her mom. Sutji just can't hold on to her tears, and this became the most wonderful moment of the day. I used a different song for this one, to signifies a time to say goodbye, followed by another song with a new journey. The value of this slideshow is to sigfnifies something great in our life experience, which is the fairness of God, that he made everything fair, we always say goodbye to something to receive a different thing.