Si Heong's is one of the generation of the Lim's family in Ipoh, I am sure you know who is Michelle Yeoh and 林德荣, yes they are part of the generation of the Lim's. The Lim's family joined together and constructed a traditional house according to the traditional construction concepts, which is to construct a house without the use of nails. I have to say that the house they have constructed is awesome, the house has been a place for reunion for the Lim and Yeoh's family in Ipoh. Si Heong and Juvena wanted to have their prewedding there and so we planned closely, we did some minor adjustments on the building. I get to capture their picture together with their traditional bed frame that was kept for many generations. Each and every item in the house was a valuable piece. I'm so glad that I have been given this chance to cover it, not many people get this chance to shoot here. The theme I created for them is love and peony, peony is a reflection of romance and it is a flower from china.
We captured that shot and the album is now being displayed in their traditional house as part of their memory. Thank you Si Heong and Juvena.