I got to say for all the hotels that I have shoot the best hotel for the best outcome is Westin KL, the lighting setup is awesome and couple able to select their color sequence. Their meal is customizable as well plus great location and tables are not so tight with each other, which I are them the no.1 hotel for wedding dinner in KL. since Jacqie is the owner of a flower shop. She handles all the decorations her own. Nowadays couples is getting smarter and they know how to use the lowest cost to get the best outcome. Great job! Congratulations to Wilson and Jacqie, Wilson is graduated from the States and that night I managed to meet with a few old college friends.

I still remember what wilson had said during his speech, he mentioned that when he met Jacqie and both of them have been talking none stop and everyday became wonderful from that day onwards. I really think that he meant it, I can feel from his speech, the contented feeling that all men wanted. Hehe, I guess I have to work hard on this.

Everyone was very interested on my coffee table book which was presented during the wedding dinner, after that Wilson had asked me to relocated 2 additional album for Jacqie's family.