Chen Tong and Samantha was one of the couple introduced by my ex couple Kah Leong and Evelyn. Both of them were in the same church and I was so happy to meet their church members again and I was so happy that many people was not a stranger to me, I still remember a couple of them where they gave me a smile when they saw me, like we knew each other before. I love to capture church weddings. Their church is filled with nice people and they all are very down to earth and friendly. Both of them had their church wedding in a church in brickfields and I just love the ambient of this church. This time I saw Kah Leong carrying his camera and now he is a passionate photographer lol, and love to meet Evelyn again, it's like we are all old friends. These small little things kept in my heart for a long time and I will never forget those small little things we encountered. I remembered Chen Tong's speech about his iPad and iPhone lol that was really funny indeed and he cried while he was doing his testimony, it was so touching and I fell in tears with them, my eyes were wet while I was shooting, I tried to hide from people noticing my tears but I decided not to because many of them were crying as well lol. It was indeed a touching moment, I never will forget this one.