Faridz and Dayana were introduced from Ikmal, one of the participants in my workshop, both of them are very natural indeed, they are both a very open minded couple and I love Dayana's gown, it's complicated yet elegant. It is my first time to discovered that couples actually hired 3 photographers for there wedding, then I make friend with the other 2 shooters, they were very friendly and it was nice to see some old friends in the wedding dinner like Ceci and Ikmal. Dayana is a great poser, she can spot you from far away and she will start to give you this cute poses for you to shoot lol, we had a wonderful time and to be a little different, we had a short beloved portrait session after the dinner and I think to them, this kind of portrait session is indeed unique and I guess Dayana will remember the tiny little imaginations that I put in place for them.