This is another funny couple that I have encountered, Wooi Chong and Jeslin came over to my studio for a discussion and I was selected as her prewedding photographer, we have been chatting for many times and I still remember that Jeslin always called herself as my nightmare, in a funny way of course haha. Initially Wooi Chong and Jeslin wanted to have their prewedding in Melbourne which is where they stay, however it did not happened due to the last few seats had been taken, later Jeslin asked if I am able to cover her prewedding in KL and we had our session in the royal malaysia air force base. The theme "love cocoon" signifies their wedding in KL, where both of them depart from melbourne to malaysia for a wedding and later they will return back to melbourne. KL has become the point for them to celebrate their love. I figured that Jeslin has a very strong sentimental heart and she has been very sensitive on things, so I created a beloved session for them where I given them a space to express something important in their lives. Everything you see in these series are real expressions and all was done in a very spontaneous manner. All the pictures spoke about something valuable to them. It's about connecting their love, and only both of them able to understand what those pictures are signified.
I have never understand the reason Jeslin had selected me for the prewedding photographer before, until I went into Malaysia Bride forum and saw her name inside, and she mentioned a lot on how she appreciate my work and how well I am able to communicate with the couples, i was quite touched to see that and she was shocked that I am able to find her nickname in malaysia bride haha... Later I learned that Jeslin has a specific interest in fashion, but that was after the prewedding shot, hmm if I have knew this before maybe I can deliver her something different again, lol now waiting for her to ask me for their anniversary shoot. Waiting desperately. :)