Had a wonderful time with Edwin & Ethel during their pre-wedding session in Sydney. Both of them are truly amazing couple and when I first get in touch with Ethel I knew that this bride is something different lol, both of them know what they looking for and love the way I take pictures. Me and Ethel have been bugging with each other once in a while and I love to bug her while she is busy lol. Love making fun with each other, share pictures, talk about pictures or anything that is fun. Edwin and Ethel put me in their house in sydney and had a wonderful week there. The first time I met Edwin and I noticed that he likes to sit infront of his computer playing online games hehe like I used to do back in college. So by looking their lifestyle I noticed that the relationship has been many years and its time for me to feed in something meaningful during the session the next day. Ethel have been very busy with her work as an architech, and Edwin has been very understanding and both of them understand each other pretty well, so in a way I noticed that it might be possible that Edwin have not been sentimental for a while but I know that he wanted to show Ethel how loving he is. So a night before the wedding we both spoke about the pre-wedding session and ask them to enjoy the day as much as possible, like a day that they will never forget, remember those important time together and create the most lasting memory that both have ever done. 

Taking away all my expectations, I allow them to expect more between them. :) I notice something different between them. The warm up session was alright but slowly Edwin started to express his care to Ethel, and all the fun and emotions just pour from that time onwards. I know Edwin will appreciate the space that I given to him to express what he longed to express, something hard for us to express in daily lives. How important this day is for both of them. And Ethel receive the physical message from Edwin. Right after the session, Ethel told me that they love the session so much and I told them to do it every year... haha and they laughed. After my flight back home I got this facebook message from Ethel and she thank for the memorable session and she also mentioned that Edwin had changed after the session, but a good one. The moment I saw that message my eyes about to pour because I have seeded something meaningful in their lives, which in turn made them discover something new within them, the session became more important than the pictures. And July I will be covering their wedding day in Bali, now getting excited~