Soon Yean and June are both happy couples but they have specific expectations on their pictures as well. Soon Yean and I were collegues in the old days where we used to spent time playing majongs during chinese new year lol... they have narrowed down a few photographers in their consideration and the reason they picked me must have been a specific reason. So I just shoot like I used to and June is just a pretty bride plus a smart girl lol. Their wedding were packed with many activities from morning until dinner, everything was fun and energetic. A tiring day for all of us haha. But one of the touching part I have witness on Soon Yean was his journey with God, his vision has changed a lot ever since he met June, while talking to him he seemed to be very visionary and with a good purpose, he said that he is discovering God even more everyday, and I guess June has given him the light. And I still remember Soon Yeans parents, they both are active in facebook, while seeing both of them had used my pictures for thier profile pics, I felt that they have enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for having me Soon Yean and June~