Its another day for Faridz and Dayana where they are having their wedding day, the pace for this wedding day is a little different, where I was the only photographer covering this event, everything ran very peacefully. Thanks for Ikmal for introducing this couple to me. While Dayana is making up we spoke about photography and such and she mentioned about hiring a chinese photographer, she mentioned that many chinese photographers have a unique style and it is so much different as compared as the malays, she prefer my style as it is natural candid, and the pictures are different compared the rest. We had a long chat and we stopped when Faridz had started to dress up. hehe.... photographer is a unique profession, as always we are the first one who see the bride, spoke the most during the day. Faridz is a pilot in MAS and invited a few hyperactive friends over, I guess they all were from MAS as well, as usual people from the airline are very outgoing and we had bunch of funny portraits before we finishes off the day. :)