Christopher and Tiffany lives next door with my home studio and we met up and both of them are very fun couple, their expectation for their actual day was wanted to have everything candid and no poses, so I told them yes this is how I usually shoot lol. Both of them had very good friends and all them enjoyed the day together and being funny and nerdy together. It is a very casual wedding which is very hard to find in year 2011 as most couple this year are very traditional and follow traditional rules demanded from their family. For this couple they break the rules hehe... except for the tea ceremony part which is honor most in a chinese tradition. To my point of view, tea ceremony is a must have a chinese as it expresses good family values and it is something we must keep on doing it for generations to generations. It is a day where couple will hand over a cup of tea to the elderly and get wishes from them, also to be recognized and blessed. I still remember there is this part during the veil session where I almost get Tiffany to pose and she screems lol, and so I said ok lets all cheer the bride, and they all laughed.