One of my favorite wedding this year was covering Si Heong & Juvena's big day in their traditional house in Ipoh. Months back we covered their pre-wedding here and now back here again for their wedding day. I have many to say about this wedding day. The Lim's family build their own traditional house to signifies the union of the Lim's and the Yeoh's. And yes Michelle Yeoh and Jack Lim (林德荣) are part of them and so as Lim Keng Yaik. Did a small research and look around their family tree and I was amazed on how detailed they have followed up on their names, generation by generations. The Lim's is a unique family to blend in, mixture of many different people. For Juvena's case, of course there are challenges. Having such a big family, you able to witness many significant personalities, and each of them have their own way of thoughts and values. Most of them pretty much united as a bond, but within the bond there are indeed another kind of challenge as well. However, from my observation, eventhought there are indeed many challenges, lies within them there are also sweetness, brew from their family bonds. 

Therefore, while making thier slideshow, I focus on creating this sweetness within this family values, serve as a reminder that there are indeed happiness lies within every arguments. My intention is to stimulate a stronger value within them by showing them this sweetness, wonderful moments, hugs, and so that they can forget about their challenges, for few minutes. My contributions may be small, but when everyone was staring at the screen during that night and ended with big applause, I know I have seeded smething valuable within them, something money unable to measure. :)