Thank to everyone in Ko Skin Specialist for having me to cover your commercial shoots. Before the shoot we went through some details about the outcome they intended to have and so we went about 2 days total for the assignment to finished, it is very hard to get all the people in one place for full coverage. However, its nice to be there as there are so many friends inside lol ex-bride, ex-clients and friends so I am not a stranger afterall. The session was fun, as you can see we had some shots for commercial purposes and some we had some crazy and fun ones for self keep hahah.... thanks and hope to see you all some day! Everyone was extreamly freindly. :)

Also I get the opportunity to cover 6 celebrities at once, you might aware some people inside like from the left is beautiful Shera (TV3 host & artist), Salamiah Hassan (Renown Singer), Zuraini, and Zuraini (Air Hostess), Fauziah Nawi (Renown Actress), and Fay Goh (Hairstylist).