One day I received a call from Mdm Suah's daughter said she wanted to do a surprise party for her mom's 60th birthday bash in Premiere Hotel in Klang, I got excited because it is something refreshing. Its a wonderful night where all crazy happening friends gather together, get drunk, sing songs, to celebrate this special day for Mdm Suah. The event was quite small with less than 10 tables but there are simple many small little things to capture, especially my favorite - Kids! Yes I love shooting kids and I capture a few in every once in a while, they are the elements that made me smile everytime. Whenever I captured those funny moments I would look at the camera screen and smile. Snap snap all the way, a night I remember very well because people there are just nice and friendly. Thanks for having me to cover this special event, and wish Mdm Suah forever happy. Keep smiling.