Keegan & Charlene were introduced by a bride that I shot before in Singapore. Keegan & Charlene and I communicate over the email and finally able to meet them during the actual pre-wedding shooting day. I still remember the great hospitality I had while staying over night in Charlene's place, it was just as good as staying in a hotel. During those days the main trend in Singapore pre-wedding is the well known Tanjung Pagar train station where it about to shut down in a month time. And the experience I had with them was extroverted versus introverted. Charlene was the expressive one while Keegan was the reserved one but it went pretty well, I spend so much time to open their hearts, so that they get some valuable pictures in return, and of course not to forget snapping those fine art pictures which they wanted as well. We went to a few places in Singapore for some snaps and the most unforgetable experience was the tanjung pagar train station. We saw flocks of photographers with all kinds of cameras trying to snap the arrival of the train. And while I have them stand beside the railway on the other side, side me was dozens of photographers trying to snap the same shot with me, haha that was quite funny, when I count 3-2-1, and you hear snapping sound all the way, I wonder why they need to snap so many with the same scene, while I just satisfied with a few snaps. :D And I never forget Charlene's mom, I felt that she was the nicest mom in Singapore, looking young as well, at first I ask the mom if she is Charlene's sister, LOL. I guess she felt great with that compliments. Looking forward to snap their actual wedding day.