Edmond and Wei Yee has been a familiar name in our list as Wei Yee is an active supporter in our facebook page, a quite demanding bride who wanted everything as sweet as it can be and as perfect as the outcome can turn out to be. Right after the portrait session Wei Yee asked if I would like to join their luncheon session in Caffeinees, and right after I saw their nice decoration I began to understood how detail Wei Yee she is, she made all the decoration herself. I just love her sister's daughter so I can't resist to post a picture of them here LOL. I think they got very addicted with phototaking after that day and Wei Yee and I began to chat a numerous of times lol, I almost followed their europe tour LOL, that was scary but too bad it clashes with one of my assignments and I think Edmond was able to take a deep breath after that haha. They are one of the most natural couples, even I did not shoot their wedding day but we shared a lot about wedding and such, gave her a couple of tips etc. She's one of the happy bride ^_^. Thanks Wei Yee and Edmond for having me to capture your most specious moment in your lives, I guess there will be a lot more happy things that will come by in your lives. And I know both of you will cherish them all. Hope to see you again. Love, Dennis.