Albert and Angie are both unique couple where I can always feel the love within them, cherish the time they had spent with each other, the moment I hear Albert describe about their love, I can feel that he really meant it from the tone of his words, and Albert will never shy to share how he felt for Angie. While Angie being the receiver and even she seemed to be a little shy, I can feel deep inside her that she has the strong feeling like how Albert feel too. Both are graphic designers and I always feel great to have people that does art came over to search for us, these people are very specific with the artistic outcome. We had a very tight shooting schedules as they wanted everything from me. Especially the final part which is the sunset. We almost end our shoot because of the rain but God was very nice to us that day, the sunset were even stronger right after the rain. I still remember how excited when we saw the LIGHT! Everyone of us went crazy because in Malaysia, the golden period for sunsets are very short. However, thanks for all the coorperations from Albert and Angie, we managed to capture LOTs of nice shots from there LOL. I can sensed how serious they treat their pre-wedding. Had lots of laughs and such in between, I felt like I'm a super director that day, and a good story teller (with words). Right after we delivered the pictures to them, Angie asked what was the song I used in the slideshow and I was so surprised that Albert actually sing that song out loud during their wedding dinner. Not to mentioned Angie's loving daddy, who had so much inspirations from receiving my work. He was glad that we managed to make Angie beautiful, like a princess. And I used their pictures in many of our advertorial and marketing work. And people raised their eye brows that those shots were actually captured not in anywhere else, its in Melaka. What I want to say to them is just the same old words, thanks for having me. Both of you are awesome.