Yon Hon and Shiryee, both down to earth young couple who will spent their time living in Hong Kong for a while. I couldn't find the best word to describe them, I believe I can say they are like a sweet and classic music. The emotions that Yon Hon reflected towards Shir Yee, is soft and gentle, can see that a man like Yon Hon would treat Shiryee like an angel in his heart. 

Both of them met each other in a company gathering and just happened that both of them bumped with each other in Pullman Hotel Putrajaya. Just right at that moment Yon Hon & Shiryee have been getting along pretty well, its like a perfect cherical reaction that mixed them together, from that time onwards, nothing seemed to able to seperate them. I believe in our lives, it is fortunate to found someone that we really cherish and some people can just click and gone smooth all the way. 

I began to realized that many people might not have felt so strong like both of them, many people might still suffering from relationship problem and I wanted to use this series to infect those people that seek for hope in relationship, hoping that by seeing those truthfulness that reflected out from these new couple, people can find new hope in their lives, and so that more people will be willing dream! Thats my vision in their series, thought we didn't spoke a lot about this but hopefully when Yon Hon able to see what I wrote here he can finally understand my heart behind it. Thanks for showing me those important moment in your heart. All the best in Hong Kong!