Edwin & Ethel, one of my favorite couple ever since we did our shot back in Sydney. And this time she made me go to one of the dream location for many photographers, which is the Infinity Chapel in Conrad Bali. The wedding was a small one, with group of close friends and families, one of my favorite event LOL. It all started early morning with the tea ceremony session where her relatives from malaysia and taiwan came over. All unite here in Bali. In this wedding Ethel was the worried one and Edwin was the calm one lol. After so many months I can still recall the eyes of Edwin staring at Ethel while she marching in the Chapel, with all the beautiful songs from the talented choir team. For that moment, I can feel deep inside Edwin's heart that "Finally It's here, after so many years" and with his assured lips. It was strong, powerful, and came Ethel, the serene one who is about to unite to the man Edwin LOL... to be honest, I think anyone that has been here will imagine all kinds of wonderful stories out from those story books that they have read. 

Right after the Chapel session we all went to the bus and hop to a classic elegant restaurant in Bali, I forgot the name of it but that place was quite cool. Was an enjoyable session, shooting and the same time have some nice chat with Ethel's friends and relatives. And that's about it, the day ended with joy and bunch of nice memories.

Well, I wanted to record this memory of mine here with Ethel, right after both Edwin and Ethel had left. Ethel lost the pre-wedding album I made for her in Changi airport~ LOL. I was almost about to replicate for her and thank God she found her album back in Changi, that was amazing isn't it.