Khai & Stephanie are both unique couples, really missed them so much. Both of them can just do anything infront of you, being crazy, lot of laughters, just want to be themselves, enjoy the most they can. Every year we only get a few of these kinds of couples LOL, and we remember them all the time. Khai and Stephanie engaged me almost 1.5 years ago and finally its the day, I brought over a funny wedding planner, Jeff who is as crazy as them. Jeff is a good friend of Stephanie and not a stranger, and most crazy of all I hired Chew Yen as our make up artist for the day, oh boy~ you can't imagine all the laughers we had, and of course, I was the most stressful one among them because I have to shoot. 

Before the session during our first discussion both Khai and Stephanie were unsure what they wanted and I suggested this concept of Trash The Dress, and guess what, I got her imagine all day about this concept. At first she wanted to have a session where she going to burn her dress during the session, and later one the concept got turned down by her parents because it feels wierd LOL. Well I respect their point and we narrowed down to the mud plan. 

Actually, I have been waited for a long long time in order to be able to shoot a session like this, Trash The Dress. It is a concept brought over from the States whereby the bride will trash her dress, make her dress dirty or torn it apart in any art form. I have seen many Trash The Dress being taken by many photographers and I felt that the key points in this session is missing, in turn it turned out to be purely an expression of art, but missing the key elements which is "I will not married another guy, and I will summit to you forever, my life is all yours". I am very fortunate to have Khai and Staphenie to give me a chance to tell people what a true Trash The Dress should be. And here it is. LOL. Thanks for all the fun and laughter.

The road trip to Tanjung Sepat was long, but you know what, we missed that part so much! Hahaha.... Man you guys rock!