Had a memorable session during my Bali trip with Alfred and Hui Mee. It was my first time meeting this couple as both of them working in Perth. Alfred handles Contracts in a company in Perth and Hui Mee is someone who loves photography. Actually both of them had registered for quite some time already and never had a proper portrait session, and just happened I was in Bali and they joined my trip here and have some decent shots. We did plenty of Beloved sessions for this one, made them recall back their old memories, like the day they first met. We had lots of imaginations going on here. I guess the session brings something different to Hui Mee as I believe living in Perth was very stable, everything is going very smooth and seldom had ups and downs like working in a hectic city. So during the session made the ups and downs LOL, I still remember that Hui Mee was almost about to cry during the end of the session. I guess for so many years they have spent with each other, it is hard for her to imagine those days without Alfred. And I believe after the session, those things that had recalled during that day, will further prolong their relationship for many years to come. Really thanks for having me.

And for the first time, I tripped myself during the session near the volcanoe and hard some minor leg injuries. For that moment I began to understand the importants for my physical conditions, and after I went back I went to buy an insurance for myself LOL. However, I do not think there is an insurance for my gears because during the injury I hurt my precious lens too. :p