One of my favorite pre-wedding assignment, thanks to Dylan & Jennifer who brought me over to Kota Kinabalu for something awesome and unforgetable. Everything was perfect, with the nice sunlight, awesome gown from Keith Kee and of course lovely couple. The weather changes drastically every hour here so we had our session with many possiblity. I ordered an extra copy of their pre-wedding album for my own display. Jennifer received many comments from her pre-wedding photos, one of the most popular question was "Where was this shot taken", the next popular question was "Was this shot in New Zealand?". LOL a lot of people doesn't know about this awesome destination which is just very close to where we live. I just love the weather in Kota Kinabalu, and right after that trip, numerous trips followed to the same destination and now I have shot dozens of them here, and all of them are different in their own way because each person is different. Thanks to our friendly driver who made everything so peace of mind and easy. 

Jennifer is a bride with a unique demand, and the feedback I got from them is that pre-wedding was not that tired afterall LOL. I just love the gown that she carries, with enough height and such, she brought out the gown pretty well. We apologies for not being avaialble for your actual wedding day, but at least we managed to cover one of your most beautiful session. We have many discussions on their wedding issues in between thier session and thanks for Dylan and Jennifer for loving my work. I guess their wedding pictures had made some good impressions and wow factors.