After 3 workshops carried out last year I have announced that I will be doing "The Sky is Blue" next, and finally it is here. I have to apologies for the busy schedules in 2011 but I really want to have this workshop for a very long time, all about COLORS. I have a lot to offer from this workshop and I believe the topics that will be discussed here is a unique one and could not to found anywhere in this industry. For the price that has to offer (which I kept the same since day one), you can see that money is not the key point here to me, it is about sharing an idea. I wish I can take up more participants but we have limited seats here so do register fast! 

I love doing workshops, sharing things that I have accumulate over time to more young and dynamic enthusiast. Which I found it easier to communicate to the public in this manner, rather than showing pictures and hoping them to understand what sort of mental process behind the scene. I can say its A LOT to tell. I can say this workshop will allow you to carry back home abundant of thoughts and idea, which can make you crazily imagining and can't wait to shoot a couple of pictures for experiments. Truly it is going to be a wonderful one. 

In the past we have done several workshops, "The Natural Element" and "The Spirit of Emotions". And this time a new one. I guess you can pretty much tell how interesting from the name of it. LOL....

You do not need to be a master of picture editing to attend this workshop, the main purpose in this workshop is not only to help individual to expand their mind in their pre-editing process, also it enable individual to know how to appreciate pictures in a more dynamic way. A lot of LOVE from here, hope to see you there! 


Dennis Yap