Loo & Evonne has been a great couple, they were really nice to me and I never feel stressful being with them. Get to know this couple even more in this small wedding reception. Loo & Evonne had their wedding dinner in Nobel House Kuala Lumpur. Evonne's family is a close one, I still remember that her younger sister made her a wedding book, and her other sister came all the way from Australia to attend her wedding, and she used her daugher as the flower girl, I still able to recall her aussie accent with a grumpy face lol. One of my favorite in this wedding event was the japanese crowd, if I not mistaken, her boss went to sing on stage for them together with a funny beside him LOL. I really love the japanese culture as whenever they have fun, they really have fun. When they entertain, they really want everyone to have fun. However, the opposite of the expressive man is the wife who show introvert and she kept saying sorry with just a small reason hehe. Really love the door gift they made, where they used our pre-wedding photo for that hehe, and a good friend of them made those as a gift, so nice. Love the crowd and I was just there shooting all candids. Thanks Loo & Evonne.