Red is the color of 2011, I can't remember how many red dress I have shot this year but this dress from Elaine caught my eye. It was quite simple and nice, and sexy too, I guess her body proportion fits nicely on this dress. Actually it was not her intention to wear red for all night, just because right before her wedding the white wedding dress was torned so she has no choice but to wear red all night, but it turned out pretty awesome I think, I hope you did not feel sad after she saw the pictures returned to her with red all the way. 

Daniel and Elaine had tried to enaged my pre-wedding session but it did not worked out and Elaine said that she would love to have a post-wedding picture taken one day, and she love Hokkaido hehe.... We shall see, still waiting for her call LOL. 

Elaine was well dressed and the make up on her was great, and one day we bumped up in Starbucks Taipan and I couldn't recognize her LOL. She was a very nice lady, well spoken, intriguing with good personality. And still waiting for her call to talk about our post-wedding shots. :D Thanks for having me, it was a nice cozy dinner.