It was a cozy morning where Loo & Evonne had their wedding day. Like usual with gate crashing and tea ceremony, but the ones that Loo & Evonne had was quite warm and lovely. It must be the light that shines right inside of Evonne's house, which made everything look very cheerful, and like most weddings in 2011, people love wearing red for this special event. I love to see parents wear striking colors during tea ceremonies, it is a reflection of good blessings and hope. The tea ceremony was short and simple but everyone had their tea finished up and everyone in the ceremony gave their most honest blessings after finishes the tea. And I still recall when Evonne waiting for Loo, and when Loo managed to enter the room and receives Evonne, everyone in the family was very cheerful, thanks to her happy sisters, each of her sister has a specific character, the eldest was very down to earth, the youngest was very soft and gentle, and the ones married to Australia was very well manners LOL. It is a day that we elders tell the young children about this special event, about the essential values that we have.