The first time I met Shamini was during her mom's surprised birthday party, she was so nice to engage me for her wedding reception. Beautiful Shamini, people claimed that she was too slim for being a wife hmm... When Shamini trying to engage me she asked if I have shot an Indian wedding, my answer was yes, but its in the Aircraft, flying in the air LOL. She laughed and after briefed me a little which I think its not too bad afterall. The problem for me to cover Indian wedding is, it is a SUPER tired assignment LOL, too many things happening and I have to capture everything in detail and etc etc etc. When I shoot Shamini's wedding it made feel that I was back in India, which is a month back. If you have read what was my encounters in India you would know what I am saying here hehe.... Loving the colors, actually I love to cover Indian weddings, people are super funny, emotional and compasionate. Their hugs is simply awesom, I got a bunch of those that day, which is something that Shamini likes me to do. 

The Indian community is super funny, I remember when I was trying to organize a group shot, someone said to me that I will never be able to get everyone to calm down, and I was like "Hahaha....". Okay, and so I ask them to kiss, and they were saying "No No No..." and everyone laughed, and there goes the snap snap snap.... and there goes the end of the hectic August month.