The wedding of Kar Yang & Jane was an intensive one, it went on for 2 full wedding day assignment with church, garden, tea ceremony, dinner and portraiture. Met up this couple before the wedding in Midvalley and had a very nice Korean lunch together lol. Jane is a lover of God and while she engaged me together with Kevin Tan as second shooter she said she felt more comfortable when we said that we are christians. The more I understand Jane, I can see that she has a longing desperation for God. I believe that her journey with God can be even more fulfilling after marriage.

Her wedding was held in beautiful St Micheal Church, one of the oldest church in East Malaysia. The whole build up of the church made me recall those days when I was in Scotland, very nice indeed. The inner part of the church has this very nice reflection off from the colorful glasses shined towards the wall, creating an amazing rainbow effect. I wish that the inner lightings were done better like hiding of electrocal wires or using a more vintage lights, having those modern technology inside the church just made it look difficult hmm... right after the Church ceremony we headed to the british tea house up the hill top in Sandakan, it was an awesome location for many Sandakanians with nice setups and relaxing ambient, Jane & Kar Yang had their cake cutting ceremony there and we released a number of baloons there. And right after that we headed down a little and finished off with the portrait session in the Church, and thats just for the first day event. The second day it was a pure traditional gate crashing and tea ceremony and followed with a big wedding dinner event. Right after the wedding dinner was a dance session, after the wedding dinner we all were like finished a long 2 days of battle LOL. It was nice to bumped up with D-capture Studio that day, we all had a lot of fun together even we all did not have a proper meal and refreshments that night, but the supper session was great hehe...

I still remember the homestay that Jane had put us together with D-capture studio, it was super budget, the most funny part of the room was that 2 rooms were partitioned with a wooden wall and the air conditioned was fitted right just the middle of it LOL, so we all shared the same air LOL... for 3 days the problem we all faced were afraid that our gears got stolen. That was a bad idea to put us in the homestay, at least we should stay in a safer environment.