Both Daniel and Jessica were brough up in a highly educated background where Jessica's father is the professor in one of the university in Singapore. When Jessica spoke to me that her wedding will include many high educated people from the faculty, I immediately told her that her Pre-Wedding portrait will be a little unique compared to the rest, which is something intuitive and intellectual. Of course I have to make sure I do the math right. I believe the above equation will provide a different impact from how the group of audience perceive Love in a scientifical manner. 

For many years people have been studying the meaning of love, which made me recall of a movie called "Contact", where the guy in the movie had asked someone who doesn't believe in God to provide how she love her father. Yes, love is indeed unable to be proven, but it can be reflected and reminded, in many forms. The above mathetical equation is something simple yet interesting. Yes, men love integration, something I have learned from my Math teacher in college, and women loves differentiation. This is the term that used in calculus lol. Men combines and Women derives. Where as these 2 unique individuals empowering each other in the above art form (Daniel^Jessica, and Jessica^Daniel), which is a metaphore of life empowers each other, giving each other the fullest emotional support, and love will only being resulted only with both combines. And often times, love is always the first emotion we felt with each other. And overtime, With love empowers with each other, it turns to something greater, Life. Yes, Life in this equation is greater than love itself, because life is a combination of numerous encounters and experiences together. 

And the final statement in the slide presentation I made something which seemed to solved the most essential problems of humanity. Which is the mathematical proof of how Foreverness relates with love. And not only life requires love, when each person willing to sacrifice for the person they love, giving in of many things, sacrificing, which turn to the equation where Daniel has to be divided by Jessica, and multiply by Jessica divided by Daniel. If you understand how to do the math, the final answer of (Daniel / Jessica)x(Jessica / Daniel) is 1. And the number "1" is the true number, a prime number that is undivided, which signifies the meaning of foreverness. 2 person had became 1. 

Thanks to Daniel and Jessica who gave me this chance to show my math skill LOL... I believe that both PHD grads like both of you, will truly able to appreciate what I created for both for you, and your friends and family. :) 

Me and Jessica had so many encounters over time, she has been a holder of "the longest email correspondance" list. LOL. We almost did the Pre-Wedding shot in Bali but Jessica called me while I was in Bali that she had dengue feaver and unable to make it for the trip. And so we did our session in Singapore instead. After many months, still missing this lovely couple. They had been really nice~ I mean, really really nice to me. LOL. And what I have to offer is that love equation LOL. :p