Heng Seong & Hui Yan had a very long journey in thier relationship, where Hui Yan being the PHD lady and Heng Seong as an engineer, both person summitted to another dimension of understanding. While Hui Yan spoke to me about she wanted something simple and nice, which is in fact most people wanted in our list, we said ok and they had their pre-wedding session done in half day. With just a short simple 2 hours, numerous pictures were snapped due to their authentic nature. Hui Yan told me that she wanted most pictures that able to show her face lol, so most of the shots were done in a way that it purely an expression of emotions. With this unique couple and in order to produce the most genuine effect, we went through a Beloved session which allow them to explore their minds further, recalling those important things that had occured. I can't believed that I have done this kind of session for more than a year already and everytime it given different results. Just love the sunset session at the last very few minutes. Thanks to Hui Yan and Heng Seong, you guys just shown me something that inspires me. One day I received an SMS from Hui Yan, she told me that a lot of their friends had some good comment about the pictures. Another unique session done in Tanjung Sepat, it worth the sunny weather. :)

Often times a love journey are not only physical but more towards mental. A journey of love can also reflected as a journey traveling and admiring the opposite minds.... when the world has it limits, just close your eyes with a hug, and it all became beautiful. ^^