One day my album supplier Edward asked if I am available on this day and I got engaged by his friends to cover Brian & Cindy's wedding dinner in Kuala Lumpur. As the assignment was a little short noticed so I did not spent a lot of time understanding the couple before hand so what I do is just understand them on the spot. We did not meet each other before hand but slowly I understand that the wedding is also a dinner before the departure. Cindy got engaged with a Brian who is a Hong Konger and the whole wedding was done very similar like the HKer way hehe. Mostly everyone speak like a HKer. One of the sessions I liked about the wedding was the sharing session from the audience whereby each person can actually write down their blessings on their pre-wedding photo and the ones who got the best blessings will receive an award lol. It was quite fun actually and the crowd had been entertained. Cindy was quite cheerful and Brian looked a little reserved, thought the wedding dinner was meant to satisfy the parents but surely not stop me from snapping some nice candids. Hope they love those pictures and able for Cindy to recall those happy moments she left behind in Malaysia. Thanks to Edward for your introduction.