KA & Bobo is one of the popular couple in our list. This time when I cover their ROM after their pre-wedding session in Pangkore laut, they addressed me as "boss", LOL. Like a boss that will guide them to do this and that, or maybe I have a boss look hmm.... we had an enjoyable session and I noticed that they are very relaxing on this session, they said that because we know each other even better already. They wanted to have this nerdy look during their ROM session, so we had some shots near putrajaya, then I suggested to have the shot at McDonalds and they said ok, had some fun session here in McD, love the animated gif created for them, it might need a little time to load the clip thought so need to stay tuned with this. As KA & Bobo are both fans of Japanese comics, we did a short session with some comics and such, something fun, easy going, not much challenge.