Ryan & Angeline is one of the unique couple that I had felt strongly about. It was all started from Angeline's sister Caryne who got to know me through a wedding event of Kiat Jia. I remember Caryne had once shared with me that she had not discovered how pictures can touch her soul until she had seen my slideshow on that night. And our friendship started from there, while chatting with Caryne I have understood many of her stories and thats how I get to know her parents. Caryne and Angeline is two different kind haha, met Angeline a couple of times and at first she was very concerned about her wedding and we spoke a lot about her pre-wedding shots and her actual wedding but eventually her wedding was pushed forward because of her pregnancy. It was quite a rush schedule where everything had to move forward, so all her expectations had to put aside and focus on her new born baby soon. 

Get to know her parents before hand because I did a shot for her parent's restaurant and her parents are both very down to earth kind of people, very emotional and full of feelings, but of course every families has it hardships. During the wedding day, when I saw how her mom and dad had hugged her, I can feel strongly about them. For that moment I know why the mom had cried, because she had to let someone else to take care of her. And Angeline being the naive and pure one also felt deeply and began to cry. It made me understood that there are still a very long journey ahead of them. 

Sometimes I shared a lot to my mom about what I have seen in most weddings, as a Wedding Day Photographer I have seen many different kinds of families, from open to shy, from heart pouring to reserve, many different kinds. And all of them are unique because they all interract differently.

While Angeline had departed to Ryan's home, its an absolute difference, everyone were filled with joy and cheerful. I can sense there has been a lot of hope within them, I began to be curious and asked Caryne why, and she told me that for many times they have been waiting for a baby boy and in Ryan's family most receives baby girl so Angeline had brough in hope. LOL. The 2011 weddings were very unique hehe...