Finally it's here! Mark your dates for the up coming workshop "The Natural Element" Master the Subject (basic/not so basic) photography workshop. This workshop only limit up to 10 seats. Come explore, search, understand, it will help you define what is most important to you.

The main highlight of this workshop, like always, is to help individual to find their own soul in photography. There are numerous styles in the industry and your vision will be finding one what works well with you, here, in this workshop. Another highlight which we will be exploring which is the invisible element in photography and pictures. This may sound new to you but I am going to show things that are not seen in a picture that is intriguing, we will dig out piece by piece for you to explore in this new genre that you are going to experience.

Why am I doing this workshop, like always, the vision over here is to help new individual to understand and explore, helping them to define things that are most important for them to visionarise. The key element is also help individual to expand, from understanding the basics. There are many workshops out there that focus mainly on gears and tools to make your picture look better which might in another way discourage individual to move forward, my role here is to abolish those fears from you through understanding and mastering the basics.

For those who interested please drop me an email to See you there~