Remember Dylan & Jennifer, Jess is her good friend and they just happened to got my service. My first impression for Jess was she is a fierce, but slowly over the event I noticed that she has this intriguing personality, and it might be the reason that both Remus and Jess clicked together. I was listening to what Remus has to say in his speach because he made it quite humourous, and Remus mentioned that Jess has been a good advisor for him, and right at the moment I said yes~ I think she has this unique personality that willing to give good advice for his man. Remus is the owner of a very unique business, he does car stickers for racecars, if you keen to find out, the name is called Motorsport Playground. The moment I looked inside their facebook I saw many hot stuffs, and also interesting cars. It is a good hobby that turned into a business. And Remus will never be shy to show his true self infront of the crowd. The wedding had became their own playground. Its nice to know both of you and hope to see you again someday.