Yes Le Petit Studio is our meeting spot now. If you may wonder what is Le Petit Studio or are we changing our name to Le Petit Studio, no, Le Petit Studio is a place we created, a studio with 2 main person in charge. Dennis Yap Photography which is us, will be utilising most of Le Petit Studio, and Jeff Leong, this awesome guy that have known a while, both of us started Le Petit Studio and Jeff Leong will be using this place mainly as a hub for his business. Jeff Leong is an awesome Wedding Planner, he does wedding planning services specialise in many high end wedding themes and coordinations. If you would like to find out about his services you can certainly contact him via his email here:, yes free promotion for him. :) and Remy Ngan, she does not hold a share in investing in Le Petit simply because my mom said that it was not good to have 3 major investor in a team. So we rented out a space for Remy Ngan for her make up trials and such. Again, Remy Ngan is quite famous, I can simply say that she can be the best. Remy Ngan is our main make up artist we using now for many pre-wedding assignments and most of the jobs with her around will surely back with higher successful pictures. Believe me or not, some brides does not want to remove their make up after they have been done by Remy Ngan, that sound a little exaggerated but its true. :) if you would like to enquire about her services here is the email: So this are the main guy. Lets hope Le Petit Studio be a successful hub for us.