Had too much flight to Singapore so this time we drove all the way there for a pre-wedding shoot with Jason & Raina. It was a fun day with them. A day before the shoot we had a short meet up and that was our first meeting and we spoke about the shoot and surprisingly they were up with the shoot. Jason love photography and Raina is in love with artistic stuffs. Both of them have a very intriguing personality and so got some help with their friends. Jason's friend got them a ride, and a good friend of Raina followed them as assistant. We had a short session in Lasalle college of arts, and the recent becoming to be a very popular place - gardens by the bay. Bumped up with a few photographers there along the way but I still feel that Haji Lane was still a good spot, not only can do some shopping along the way and love the colorful theme there. There are many nice people in Singapore, these people are really an awesome company. Some people may think that there is not much things to shoot in Singapore but I think it depends hehe, we added a few interesting ingredients here, like we added the guy reading newspaper in Lasalle, the guy just never willing to walk away, which is good I guess. We also found a few monks having a cup of coffee and we added them in the shoot, Jason and Raina was like WOW. Post it in facebook, I guess the shot had many people wonder and the shot had became a sensitive topic for many people. Well, in a positive way, I guess that shot does bring harmony of both worlds, depend on how you look at it.