Knew Jeremy since he joined our workshop a while ago, out of sudden he message my friend and asked about my vision and wanted to know if its for real. And Jeremy called me up and ask if I can do his pre-wedding. So went to meet up with him and Debbie and my first impression with Debbie was she is a direct opposite with Jeremy and began to listen about their stories. Both of them met each other a very long time ago in a Tekwondo class. While Debbie being the very outspoken one and emotional and sentimental, Jeremy being the one who is intrinsic and hidden. Its hard to grab what Jeremy is thinking because he kept many things within him, but he said that Debbie are able to understand him, without words. I was like "hmmm...". So we spoke about the location and finally decided on Perth because Debbie simply love the nature and I manage to persuade them to go further up to the north, to the pinnacles. Yey~ finally, after so many times I have shot in Perth I have finally able to visit Lancelin, the great white dune. The whole trip was quite fun, we had gone through some funny moments. I still remember the town that we settled down near pinnacles, Jeremy suggested lobster and we were so happy right after the shoot, but when we got home, the whole town was asleep, in total darkness and we have no where to eat, and ended up with chips and coffee. We tried our best to find but nil joy. I found that the town was quite interesting. And love to see so many Kangaroos at night. They were so cute~ 

It was very easy to make Debbie cry, she was the sentimental one on that day and Jeremy being the one who will provide protection for her. So we finished off with plenty of breathtaking ones and also many emotional ones.