This is one of the amazing love stories that I have ever heard. Tsen and Angel knew each other since high school and have never in touch since then, and God made a way for them and when they met again and spoke with each other again, love just kept pouring and in less than 3 months Tsen and Angel decided to get married. Angel is going to settle down in Perth with Tsen. Angel is an affectionate girl and she can just look at her man and express how handsome he is. While Tsen is a guy with numbers and can be quite cool sometimes but I can feel that he loves Angel so much. When we met up in Perth and heard about their love stories, I responded that I will do something different this time. I told Tsen and Angel that they are very fortunate to have each other but lack of the time to brew further. Those time in between that they have missed which I see as a valuable essence in their relationship and I said that I will create that element for them, to mature over time, so those pictures that they will see, are meant for the future, not the present. They were surprise and I guess Angel able to capture what I have to say that day, and I hope that her life can be continue to brew with Tsen, everyday.