Ming Kai and Amlyn are one of the nicest couple, just love to cover weddings in East Malaysia simply because the people in general are so nice. I still remember the day I went to cover Amlyn, she was sitting on the small little chair and her mom, she was so happy and excited for her wedding. Love her cheerful bridesmaids as well, they all were very cooperative. I realised that the wedding were also covered with many witnesses, especially it is an important element in a church culture. The meaning of witness is indeed an important element in Christian teachings, and I convert the meaning of witnesses to her family cultures, church, plus some hidden ones like the greatgrands and such. It was quite interesting, not sure if Amlyn able to relate to that, will just allow herself to find out, hehe.  

Sibu is an interesting town, the first thing I heard about Sibu is the floods, Ming Kai was sending us to the dinner venue and the roads was so bumpy and we drove through many roads which are extruded upwards, and Ming Kai said that was the effect of many flood incident, which made the road to extrude with this funny looking bumps. I found that was so funny and laughed.  

Another thing I further realise was the cost to married a Foo Chew is quite high, as explained by Ming Kai, hehe. And at that moment I thought of our shooter Kevin Tan, who is going to married a Foo Chew as well.  

Thanks Ming Kai and Amlyn for the wonderful trip. Hope to see you both again someday. 

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