Keen and Lydia are one of the nice couples too! I told my friends that I am very fortunate to meet many nice couples in town, at least they made my job so meaningful and priceless. When I met Lydia on her wedding reception, she sincerely thank me for able to be her wedding photographer and she felt very fortunate to have me. Guess what, I felt the pressure immense within me right at the moment lol. And her friends seemed to know about me and came over to discuss about photography by saying "Dennis, I know you take nice pictures." and again, I felt that pressure again lol. Both of them are actually from Singapore and decided to have their special moment celebrated in this rare occasion in Saufiville Janda Baik. This is indeed a unique location, before you reach this place, you hardly know that there is such place in here, which I have to go through a narrow rocky road, unpaved, some bumpy ride in order to reach here. Both of them enjoyed the mountain view here. While parents were arranging their decorations they asked why would they want to have their special day here, I gave them a smile and told them because it is special. I really love to cover rare location like this one, small group, with close friends and families, simply many moments to share and at least able to mingle around and enjoy together with them. It was a blessed day with nice weather. Really wish to meet up with them again someday.