Jin Wei & Ai Ting are both working in the UK, when we met up before the wedding day, Jin Wei and Ai Ting wanted all shots to be candid without any poses and such, and I agreed which I normally does but this time is all candid, so all I did was shooting behind the scene and let the flow goes naturally. I fully understand what they expect because we cherish what is going to happen during the wedding day and those natural caused is to be captured so that memories can be eternal. I surely do not like to ask people to repeat what they do and to act upon what they do, and also, to relocate the location and redoing what was happening for better shots. To me, there are values for where the incident is happening, the time, the person, the gesture, and the action. Yes it is harder to shoot candid than posed moments, hard things always have a challenge and always have to compensate to beauty, but the value is there. Thanks Jin Wei and Ai Ting, hope to meet you both again someday in UK.