To be honest, this is one of the good hotel for a wedding dinner event, the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. One of my favorite was the downlight and the LED bright light, though I don't really like the LED concept but I do love it when everything goes dark, just add a little of spices and there you go, what a nice venue. If you ask me if I got any issues with dark venues, just leave the problem to us and we make something extraordinary for you. 

I actually met Kuok Peng two years ago in another wedding of my good friend Jeamie, where Gregg and Jeamie had her wedding day in KL Convention Center, the place was nice too but the Grand Hyatt is much better. That night Kuok Peng sing a song during Jeamie's dinner so I know this guy is a good singer. Love this gang of nice people, they all knew each other from Jeamie's salsa classes, very outgoing people where they built their good friendship from salsa classes. This time Kuok Peng is marrying a Japanese, I am sure it will be a very long journey ahead because Kuok Peng will need to know Japanese, which should not pose any issues because both of them are working in Japan now. I still remember Kuok Peng said that Ayumi's parents mistakenly thought that he is a japanese, because Kuok Peng does look like one. The wedding dinner is a rather formal ones with some formal looking friends and of course with lots of crazy and fun ones as well. I can feel Kuok Peng's heart that it is not easy to come this far. Hope to meet up with him soon in Osaka.