This is one of a unique wedding where my assignment was in fact a gift from Su Mei's brother Soo Aun. There was one day Su Mei was looking at my pictures when told Soo Aun that it will be nice to have me for her wedding day, and Soo Aun contacted me personally over email and wanted to engage my service as a surprise gift to Su Mei. And during Su Mei's birthday, we created a small little 4R photo frame, saying congratulations, where Jaya and Su Mei will have a date with Dennis Yap on their wedding day. Jaya and Su Mei met up with me and I found that this couple is really very natural and just understood what I have to offer in their wedding day. During the day, we just being there to cover this unique day of theirs.

After a while after we delivered the pictures to Su Mei, one day, I received a hand written letter mailed over to our studio, and I found that it was by Su Mei herself. Inside her letter she described a lot about their relationship and those little things that they had gone through. For that moment I felt so touched to be able to be part of this special day in their life. And so I wrote back in email to Su Mei, unknowing what to say to Su Mei, and ended with a few words "Thank You". I guess that the best few sentence that I wanted to say, nothing much, but both of us had built a unique personal relationship with each other. That was one of the most rewarded assignment that I have ever received. Thank you Su Mei once again.