Met this two busy couple during a wedding fair sponsored by Canon Malaysia, I guess they are one of the most lucky couple ever, while engaging our services they got a free wedding day coordination sponsored by Marvellous by Jeff Weddings, later they won a free couple video shoot by Moments by Gary Ngui, I guess they got most free. It was a lovely sunny day, we managed to capture a beautiful sunrise over the zen looking lake in Kyoto. I still remember they had so much to discuss over the wedding shoot and Joan always contact me after 10pm after working hours lol. I believe this couple had a lot to express by looking at Eugene's eyes. A long term relationship that was long enough that words is simply unable to express by itself. During the pre-wedding shooting, Joan had a serius back pain issue which we tried our best to make the pre-wedding shoot as simply and natural as possible. During the make up session, we get to know that Eugene's father was actually my dad's school mate, and Eugene's dad sent a message in my dad's facebook about the coincidence. Well I guess the world is really small. Later Eugene and Joan engaged one of our photographer Kevin Tan for their wedding day. Awaiting us to show case our work that expresses their heart one by one. Thanks Eugene and Joan for your patience, it was a memorable journey.